Britain’s Most Popular Beers Removed From Supermarkets

Stock up while you can...

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In news that sure to shock beer drinkers across the nation, the UK’s most popular beers have been removed from supermarkets.

Tesco has announced that it will no longer be selling a wide range of products made by Heineken, meaning customers will no longer be able to buy Amstel, Sol, Tiger Beer and Kingfisher in the store.

The change comes after the chain decided to greatly reduce the amount of lager they sell in favour of stocking more craft ales, which are experiencing a huge boom in popularity in 2017.

As The Grocer reveals, the chain will now only sell 22 Heineken products, where they previously sold 53.

Tesco will also reduce the number of Heineken lager packs they sell, meaning some of the larger multipacks many not be available to customers. 

It’s basically really bad news if you love Heineken products, and it might force some customers to switch supermarkets.


The overhaul comes as the chain plans ‘Project Reset’, a new revamp which will see them get rid of certain products and simplify their product selection.

Tesco is also campaigning hard to force brands into keeping prices stable after Brexit. This comes after Heineken said it could raise prices by around 6p a pint to cover extra costs after the UK leaves the EU.

“Shoppers will continue to find a broad range of our fantastic beer and cider brands in Tesco,” the company said.

“We continue to offer customers a great range of beer, lager and cider.”

Best stock up on your favourite beer while you can… or just use a different supermarket. The choice is yours.

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