Is this Britain’s most expensive pint? London pub boasts astonishingly expensive beer

Just make sure it's not your round.

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THE LOCATION of the UK’s most expensive pint may have finally been uncovered – and the price is likely to have you spluttering over your next beer.

Take a trip to any one of the many Craft Beer Co. bars located across the UK and you could get your hands on a pint likely to set your bank balance back substantially.

According to The Mirror, the company’s Speedway Stout represents the country’s most expensive pint at an eye-watering £22.50 a pint.

Coming at around five times the average cost of a beer in the UK, it’s worth mentioning that this particular brew is usually served in smaller quantities than the standard pint.

It has one hell of a kick to it too, with the US-brewed stout boasting a heady 12% ABV.

The price represents a major step up on the beer previously branded the most expensive in the UK.

That title went to The Rake in Borough Market, which went viral after one patron revealed they were selling pints of Cloudwater DIPA, Citra & Amarillo for a whopping £13.40 a go.

All these sky-high prices are enough to drive you to drink. Ideally a much more reasonably priced drink, of course.

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