Brewery under fire for ‘sexist’ optical illusion beer pump label

With a name like 'Beer Goggles' you kind of know what to expect.

A BREWERY has come in for criticism online over what many have perceived to be a ‘sexist’ beer pump label design.

Elgood Brewery had its “Beer Goggles” ale removed from a pub in Horsham after complaints that it was advertised in a politically incorrect manner.

The source of the ire was an optical illusion of a woman who appeared beautiful and youthful from one angle but transformed into someone who appears old and haggard from another.

Part of a spinning clip designed to promote the beer at the bar pump, the design went down badly with customers at the King’s Arms pub.

Local pub guide website Wiki Sussex Pubs was the first to drawn attention to the design, posting a picture of the offending images while declaring it the “best pump clip” they had seen.

Unfortunately, few others appeared to agree with one branding it “sexist nonsense” while another stated that it “belongs in the 70s alongside the likes of Benny Hill’.

As a result, the Cambridgeshire-based brewery’s ale was removed from the pub, who went on to issue an apology on social media.

“We notice that pump clip on show in our pub seems to have caused upset,” the pub wrote on Twitter.

“Our interests lie in selling good beer to all with cheer, as long as you’re between 18 and 118 you’re welcome. This pump clip or beer will not feature on our bar again!”

A spokesman for makers of the ale Elgoods Brewery, however, defended the clip, noting that it had previously been sold nationwide in both 2017 and 2018 with little furore.

“The pump clip and name is based on an old, traditional image (somewhat older than the 1970s!) and is meant to be, and is generally accepted as, a little bit of fun,” they said.

“We are a very old family brewery, owned and run by three sisters and would not seek to intentionally offend people although it is always possible to do so inadvertently”

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