Do your breasts weigh the same as two chipmunks or five cockatiels? Find out

A handy new chart from lingerie company Genie offers you the chance

Are your breasts two chipmunks or a duck? That's a serious question. Image shizuka nakamura

For whatever reason, breasts continue to be a source of constant fascination to the average bloke, keen to learn more about their mysterious ways whenever possible.

So when we heard that the Japanese branch of US lingerie firm Genie had decided to create a chart to help breast-lovers visualize just how heavy a D-Cup might be, compared to an A-Cup, it’s fair to say a few people took note.

What no one could have predicted, however, was that the weight of an A-Cup would take the comparative form of two chipmunks with a D-Cup apparently the equivalent weight of a wigeon duck.

Confused? You probably shout be.

Designed for the company’s Japanese clientele, the comparisons are bizarre to say the least.

Lovely bunnies.
Lovely bunnies. Sorry, where were we? Image Genie

Apparently a pair of B-Cups is the equivalent of carrying around five cockatiels while a C-Cup is, rather oddly, the same as a newborn polar-bear cub.

It only gets stranger from there with E-Cups the same as carrying one Netherland Dwarf rabbit around (Google it) and F-Cups the equivalent of a three-month-old Persian kitten.

In a bid to clear up any confusion, Genie also decided to produce an alternative guide that equated the weight of each pair of breasts to…stacks of pancakes.

How do they stack up?
How do they stack up? Get it? Image Genie

So while a pair of A-Cups is around 11 pancakes, F-Cups come in at 39 pancakes.

Is anyone else hungry now? What were we talking about again?

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