From Breakfast Making To Butt Wipping: Simone Giertz’s 5 Best Robots

Sorry Elon Musk but when it comes to innovations it’s all about Simone Giertz.

Inventor Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz Robot inventor/innovator Image Simone Giertz

In the future, the machines will rise up against humanity, destroying the very fabric of our society in a series of sweeping, potentially nuclear weapon-led attacks across the planet.

Until that day, however, it’s probably best we make the most of our android slaves – make hey while the sun shines and all that.

One inventor who evidently understands that sentiment is Swedish YouTuber and inventor of some of the sh*ttiest robots you are ever likely to see, Simone Giertz.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Sh*tty Rbotos, Giertz has spent much of the last year inventing some of the weirdest and most wonderful machines known to man.

And when the robots do finally rebel against us, it’s likely that they are going to want a word with this super-intelligent p*sstaker.

For now though, lets’s celebrate five of the very best robots from Giertz – enjoy!


The perfect way to start the day…


A must have for the team behind The Big Bang Theory…


Take That Mr President…


Dealing with it…


For when nature calls…

Keep posted on the latest goings on with Simone Giertz via her quite frankly brilliant, if a little bonkers, YouTube channel.

loaded is calling it right now – this one is going to go very far in life…

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