This Beer Has Been Designed Specifically For Drinking At Breakfast

The Notorious PIG contains coffee, bacon and maple syrup.

Notorious PIG Breakfast beer.

If breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, then this might just be the most important beer on the planet.

It’s called the Notorious PIG and it’s about to make drinking beer at breakfast a perfectly acceptable way to start any day, rather than a sure sign you’re getting way too into booze.

Perfect for anyone looking to start the day with a bang or simply ease any hangover from the night before, The Notorious PIG contains coffee, bacon and a bit of maple syrup.

It’s been put together by the Bullhouse Brewing Company and Irish beer enthusiast and brewer William Mayne, a man fast on his way to becoming the Leonardo Da Vinci of beer brewing.

“My intention was for it to smell and taste like an American diner for breakfast, a lot of roasted flavour coming from the coffee, sweetness from the maple syrup and bacon adding some saltiness,” he told Belfast Live.

“If you wake up Sunday morning and want some hair of the dog then you can try this. People will be able to get it in any good independent off-licence or bar around Belfast and beyond.”

Notorious PIG Breakfast beer.

Available in limited supply, the Notorious PIG has already earned rave reviews online and sounds like a tasty way to start any Sunday.

This heady brew is just the latest fascinating innovation to emerge from the world of beer and follows on from the UK’s first weed-infused beer and another beer designed specifically for drinking in the shower.

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