Is It Possible To Break Your Penis?

Every man's worst fear...

broken penis
Ouch... broken penis Image

You’ve probably wondered at some point, can you break your penis?

The question has come about lately due to Nicole Kidman’s stellar performance in her new TV show Big Little Lies. Her character pummels her abusive husband’s (played by Alexander Skarsgard) erect penis with a tennis racket, essentially breaking it in half. Can’t say the man didn’t deserve it…

His TV diagnosis was a broken urethra, but since that pivotal moment, terrified men across the world want to know if its simply television fiction or if this could, in fact, happen in real life.

Well, according to doctors, yes it could. The show got the injury spot on.


Health magazine spoke to urologist Lee Zhao MD from NYU Langone Medical Centre, who stated: “This clinical condition is a penile fracture, and it occurs when there is trauma to the erect penis.”

Ouch. Worse yet, though the term “broken” is used, there is nothing to break, since men lost their penis bones eons ago. It’s torn, which sounds grimmer – if that’s even possible.

The trauma could be caused by a range of things, by bending an erect penis during sex or through overzealous masturbation. A good kick in the nuts would do it too.

Treatment for such an injury is emergency surgery, but this could lead to more penis related problems in the future. “Most patients will recover completely though there’s a chance of erectile dysfunction,” said Dr. Zhao.

Additionally, if the surgery doesn’t happen immediately a condition called Peyronie’s Disease could occur, which is the curvature of the penis. This can cause painful sex and is down to plaque inside the shaft.

That’s one injury all guys will definitely want to avoid…

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