Bread Face: The Loaf-Fondling Beauty Who’s A Hit With Fetish Fans

Does the idea of a freshly baked Tiger Loaf turn you on? Er, yeah, us neither…

A selection of breads.
Bread sexy Baked beauties

Do you find the idea of a freshly baked French Stick sexy or do Tiger Loaves really turn you on? If the answer to either is yes, then loaded has the Instagram star for you.

Her name is Bread Face and for the past couple of years she’s been at the forefront of a bizarre bread-based sex fetish that sees her fondle some of the finest looking loaves in the land.

Bread Face does not restrict herself solely to fondling either; her repertoire also sees he dive head first into the occasion bun or even an artisan loaf, all in the name of enjoyment for her many thousands of followers.

Speaking to Vice a couple of years back, the mystery woman behind Bread Face explained that the whole thing started for no real reason in particular.

“I think this always disappoints people but there was actually very little thought that went into this,” she explained.

“I wanted to put my face in bread, and so I did it. I thought people would really enjoy that.”

It’s evidently proven popular though, with Bread Face attracting some 132,000 followers on Instagram, having uploaded 96 posts of herself, mostly attempting to pleasure bread in its various forms.

More recently, she’s even branched out into fairy cakes and other assorted baked goods.

And while Bread Face is keen to avoid using the word fetish, she does invite fans to make donations via a PayPal link found on her Instagram account.

Greggs should seriously think about signing up Bread Face – just don’t get her putting her face in any fresh-out-of-the-oven pasties.

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