Brazilian Football Official Denise Bueno Rejects “Sexy Lino” Label

The South American lineswoman from Sao Paulo is not impressed.

Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Denise Bueno, the Brazilian football official who has been dubbed the “Sexy Lino” by sections of the South American press, has spoken out against the label.

Bueno became something of a social media sensation among soccer fans after several pictures of her running the line during a match in her home city of Sao Paulo, were posted on social media.

She had been working as a lineswoman during a match between the amateur sides Desire and Sporting when one eagle-eyed fan decided to take a few sneaky snaps.

The lineswoman in question.
Nothing to see here Was this deliberate? Image Leo Franco / CO Assessoria Fonte

Unfortunately for Bueno, the inclement weather resulted in a series of unfortunate pictures after Bueno’s white t-shirt was rendered somewhat redundant.

Was it all part of an orchestrated and deliberate ploy though? After all, it makes little sense to wear a white t-shirt, without bra, in wet weather.

The female running the line.
The match officials All seems above board Image Leo Franco / CO Assessoria Fonte

Not according to Bueno, who hit out at the source of her new-found popularity in an interview with Brazilian news publication Globo:

“Some of them call me a sexy lino, a description I don’t like. I don’t think I’m sexy, I’d rather be considered a pro.”

The lineswoman attracting all the attention.
Distracted Does this look staged to you?

Regardless of whether it was staged or not, the incident appears to have captured the imagination of soccer fans the world over, with Bueno likely to be inundated with offers to officiate elsewhere.

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