Borussia Dortmund youth prospect suffers horrific leg break

The Italian midfielder’s injury ranks among the worst ever witnessed.

Dark days at Dortmund Image Creative Commons

Borussia Dortmund may have enjoyed the best possible start to their Champions League campaign with a 6-0 win at Legia Warsaw but that victory was marred by events involving the club’s youth side and the horrific injury suffered by youngster Dario Scuderi.

Part of BVB’s Under-19 Bundesliga winning squad of last year, Scuderi ranks among the club’s biggest and brightest prospects.

However, his future in the professional game has been thrown into doubt after he suffered as horrific a leg break as you are likely to see in the modern game.

Dario Scuderi suffered a serious leg break.
Worst leg break ever? Image Sport 1

Facing off for Dortmund against Legia in a UEFA Youth League fixture, Scuderi found himself defending the Dortmund goal on the right hand side of pitch, close to BVB’s goal.

Stretching to block an incoming cross, the Italian succeeded in preventing the ball from getting into the penalty area but, in the process his left leg buckled, sending him sprawling to the ground

One fan captured the entire incident from the stands:

Attempting to immediately get up, Scuderi looked down and, to his obvious horror, realised his leg was pointing in a very unusual direction.

Distressing both to the 18-year-old and the players around him, it’s unclear how long the midfielder now faces on the sidelines, but it could be anywhere up to a year or more.

Here’s hoping Scuderi makes a speedy recovery.

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