Boris Johnson is proving a popular choice… on Pornhub

Theresa May could beat him to the PM job but he’ll always be king of the skin flicks.

Boris Johnson on a zip wire
Next PM? Boris Johnson on a zip wire.

The anger felt by many towards Brexit campaigner leader Boris Johnson has filtered through to Pornhub in arguably the strangest development yet for Britain since the result of the referendum on the European Union was revealed.

Johnson has been largely absent from the public eye since spearheading the effort to get the United Kingdom to leave the EU and few are happy about it.

In fact, one very select group of anti-Johnsonites have decided to vent their frustration in the only way they know how: by uploading one of Boris’s many speeches to adult entertainment streaming website Pornhub.

Clearly a Remain supporter who has been left with a bitter taste in the mouth after recent events, the unnamed user has uploaded the clip under the appropriate name “Dumb British blond f*cks 15 million people at once.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 15.42.00

Posted to the website from the account BrexitVote, the 6:58 clip has already accrued 5,150 viewers and 166 thumbs up.

However, loaded can’t quite decide whether that is a result of the anger felt by many towards Johnson or because quite a few people were excited about the prospect of watching 15 million people have sex with one guy in the space of seven minutes.

On the basis of this alone, we would not rule out the possibility of a Boris Johnson porn spoof arriving in the next few months.

Because what good is anything without a porn spoof.

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