This Jet Could Take You From London To New York In Just THREE Hours

This could change how we travel forever...

The supersonic jet of the future... Image BOOM

In the year 2020, jet setters could be flying from London to New York in three hours.

The jet manufacturer Boom has raised $26 million to build a prototype of its XB-1 supersonic aircraft which they hope to test this year. Excitingly they are hoping to start flying the super fast jet commercially in as little as three years.

If their dreams come true, this will be the first time anyone has traveled supersonically since the Concorde was retired. The new jet will fly at an altitude of 60, 000 feet and go at an astonishing 1,451 MPH which is 2.6x faster than any other airliner on the planet.


It’s slightly quicker than the Concorde which got to speeds of 1,354MPH which will make it the fastest civil aircraft in aviation history.

The company claims a flight from Los Angeles to Perth Australia would only take SIX hours, cutting the standard leg in half.


The best part of this endeavour? It won’t cost a years worth of income to get a seat on this jet, a flight to New York from London will cost around £2000 both ways and will arrive in 3hrs and 15 minutes.

However, the company hopes to reduce the price even more. Hopefully, they’ll also make it a bit bigger; the current model has only forty-five seats.


Boom’s first test flight is scheduled for next year, with plans to carry people soon after. The future is going to be supersonic.

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