From James Bond to Batman: Kim Basinger’s 6 Hottest Movie Roles

With a turn in Fifty Shades Darker to come, loaded is getting all nostalgic…

Kim Basinger LA Confidential
Vamp Kim is no stranger to playing the seductress.

Kim Basinger is back and, boy, is it with one hell of a bang.

Fresh from her return to the big screen in The Nice Guys, Alec Baldwin’s ex is set to steam it up again with an appearance in Fifty Shades Darker as Elena Lincoln – the woman who put Christian Grey on the destructive path of sadomasochism.

It’s a role that requires an actress with experience and someone who probably doesn’t mind whipping a few blokes on their bare behinds or something equally sordid.

Anyway, ahead of the release of film that could continue the Basingasance – loaded is calling dibs on that phrase right now – let’s look back on just some of the roles that helped make Basinger a Hollywood sex symbol.


Never Say Never Again

A remake of the supremely dull Thunderball, Basinger is at her best in this slightly unofficial Bond outing though the sight of her alongside a rather mature looking Connery does still jar a little. If only she had held out for a real Bond movie alongside someone similarly hot like Pierce Brosnan…


9 ½ Weeks

The movie that had couples everywhere taking a look inside their fridges for bedroom inspiration, Basinger positively sizzles in this borderline iconic erotic thriller. While much of the plot has dated very badly and the style remains very much stuck in the ’80s, Basinger and Mickey Rourke still rock.



The movie that helped catapult Basinger into the big time, Kim is in her element as investigative photographer Vicki Vale. The fire to Michael Keaton’s suitably icy performance as Bruce Wayne, the only shame is that she never returned for another Batflick. Michelle Pfeiffer was a decent stand-in though.


Waynes’s World 2

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey may not have struck up quite as many laughs with this follow-up to the Saturday Night Live classic but Basinger does her very best with the material provided. In a film awash with cameo after cameo she finds a way to stand out in the crowd.


The Getaway

A remake of the Steve McQueen classic, this movie may have lacked the same charm but Basinger’s on screen chemistry is once again clear for all to see. And so it should be: she was starring alongside her then husband, Alec Baldwin. Rumour has it some of the film’s sex scenes were VERY real.


LA Confidential

The film that landed Kim a deserved Oscar for best supporting actress, Basinger is fundamental to the success of this James Ellroy adaptation, playing the part of both gangster moll and femme fatale in fine fashion. A must see.

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