Video: Bodybuilder Grills And Eats Wife’s Placenta For “Natty Gains”

Aaron Curtis wanted to bulk up that little bit more and he had just the idea how.

A generic picture of a bodybuilder/muscleman.
Bodybuilders A pretty crazy bunch.

Bodybuilders are pretty intense at the best of times but Australian beefcake Aaron Curtis may be a cut above the average pumping iron enthusiast.

A YouTuber who prides himself on his ripped appearance and healthy lifestyle, it’s Curtis’ latest endeavour that has got everyone talking.

Having just celebrated the birth of his first child, Ilya Jane Curtis, Aaron decided to do something special to mark the occasion – by eating his partner’s placenta.

“I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains,” Curtis explained to his fans.

The idea of consuming the placenta, post-child birth is nothing new – Tom Cruise was alleged to have indulged in this culinary practice following the birth of his daughter Suri – but things are a bit different this time around.

Keen for his fans to get a close-up peek at the process behind his placenta-led dining experience, Curtis film the entire cooking and eating process for us all to enjoy.

He starts by washing the organ under a tap – classy – before chucking it on a grill for a couple of minutes on either side.

Now nicely blackened, the placenta is ready to enjoy with Curtis chowing down on one slab of the organ, before declaring that it tastes a lot like liver.

Unfortunately for Aaron, however, that is as far as he gets with his partner ultimately weighing in to prevent him eating any more.

She may want to give the grill a quick clean too, while she’s at it.

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