Blue Zone Girl: The Beer Campaign That Made Pamela Anderson A Star

Before Playboy and Baywatch there was a Labatt beer commercial with a difference.

Pamela Anderson on BaywatchImage Picture NBC

Some people are born to be stars, others have stardom thrust upon them. Pamela Anderson, however, can probably lay claim to falling into both categories.

The story behind Anderson’s discovery and rise to stardom is not as well known as many might think.

Following a troubled childhood, Anderson had been working as a fitness instructor in Vancouver, Canada in 1989.

Her life was to change forever though, after she agreed to accompany then-boyfriend Dan Ilicic to a Canadian Football League game at BC Place Stadium.

Jumbotrons are pretty commonplace in sport, with cameramen often tasked with picking out the best or, in this instance, most attractive fans in attendance with the resulting images broadcast onto a large screen inside the stadium.

It just so happened that day that Anderson attracted their attention with a cut-off Labatt’s Beer t-shirt that showed off her astonishing physique, something which prompted a raucous response from the fans in attendance.

Pamela Anderson as the Blue Zone Girl.
The Blue Zone Girl Pamela Anderson Image Labatt's

Social media, or the internet for that matter, didn’t exist back then but it didn’t matter.

Word reached Labatt’s about an incredibly photogenic blonde 21-year-old woman with a stunning smile and striking looks – and they saw dollar signs.

Anderson was snapped up as spokesmodel for the brand, in a role that eventually gave birth to the Blue Zone Girl campaign that would later result in the offer of work from Playboy and later Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson Labatt's
Pamela Anderson For Labatt's Image Labatt's

Incredibly fresh-faced, that chance discovery completely transformed Anderson’s life overnight, allowing her to escape a life of abuse and, at times, neglect at the hands of her alcoholic father.

And all it took was one football game.

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