Bloke’s Twitter Thread About What He Learned Living With Two Women Goes Viral

Craig Shapes took to Twitter some eye-opening revelations for the internet.

Craig Shapes on Twitter.Image Craig Shapes/Twitter

Living with someone can make or break a relationship, whether it be a friendship or something a little more intimate.

However, nothing prepared musician Craig Shapes for what was to come when he moved in with his girlfriend and her best friend. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least and one that taught him a lot about women and the power of friendship.

So much so, in fact, that he decided to take to Twitter to chronicle his experience in a series of tweets that have since gone viral. It covers everything from texting to toilet troubles and is well worth revisiting.

Firstly, there’s no such thing as secrets among friends…

…and toilet talk is definitely not off limits.

Hair clips are everywhere…

…and getting ready for a night out can be a chore.

There’s a lot of candles…

…and trashy TV is the norm. You learn to love it though.

Eyebrow plucking is a lot of fun…

…as are cheat days.

Some shady social media stuff goes on…

…dressing gowns are also essential.

There’s always time for a dance…

…and drama is never far away.

Visitors bring unwanted chores…

…and all clothes are shared.

Hair gets everywhere…

…but it’s basically the best.

Even if they do get emotional over strange TV shows…

Hats off to Craig, his girlfriend and their housemate. Sound like a great bunch.

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