Blockbuster Video May Not Be As Dead As You First Thought

The DVD and video rental giant closed in December 2013 but lives on somehow

A Blockbuster store
Blockbuster Remember them? Image Blockbuster

If you thought Blockbuster, the DVD and VHS rental giant killed off by the advent of Netflix, ceased to exist back in December 2013 then get ready for a shock.

Because it turns out that reports of Blockbuster’s demise may have been slightly wide of the mark. Or something like that anyway.

Arriving way back in 1985, at its peak Blockbuster boasted some 9,000 rental stores worldwide.

Around 528 of those stores were located in the UK, where the video rental giant was a popular part of the town centre, alongside similarly defunct brands like Woolworths.

Having gone into administration off the back of decreasing sales in January 2013, Blockbuster closed its doors by December of the same year after failing to attract a buyer.

Yet, somehow, for some people at least, Blockbuster lives on.

It’s all thanks to a handful of franchise-owned locations that continue to operate in a series of locations across the US.

Currently listed on the Blockbuster Fan Page, these Blockbuster stores operate in areas like Alaska, Anchorage, Oregon, Portland and McAllen.

How do these rogue branches survive? Well, perhaps the bracing weather and other internet connectivity issues make platforms like Netflix something of a non-starter in these locations? After all, there are a lot located in Alaska

Maybe the Blockbuster stores in question are in great locations? Or maybe there are a few more “mature” customers living in these regions who prefer the feel of something like a DVD disc in their hand than a streamed film online.

Either way, reports of Blockbuster’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. For now, at least.

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