Blindfold Boxing Used To Be A Very Real British Sport

There’s just one rule when it comes to blindfold boxing: no looking!


Boxing is a tricky enough sport at the best of times, but could you imagine trying to do it blindfolded? Unbelievable at least one group of fights did just that.

Back in 1949, a group of boxers living in post-war Italy hit upon a novel idea – attempting to knock seven shades of shit out of each other while unable to see anything.

The result was blindfold boxing, a short-lived craze captured for posterity in British Pathe News footage from around the time.

Dubbed “the craziest sport of all time” it’s difficult to ascertain whether those involved were serious or merely part of some inspired spoof.

For one thing, they appear to have forgotten some of the basic rules concerning boxing, namely that you should only have two fighters in the ring at any one time.

Blindfold Boxing.

That’s not the case in blindfold boxing, with four fighters taking on each other in a competition that sounds increasingly like the kind of novelty match-up you might find in the world of WWE.

And if the whole thing isn’t for real, the only other alternative is that the boxers involved were taking part in some sort of sports-based science experiment that required them to punch each other.

Blindfold Boxing

In any case, the results are wonderful, with the the footage highlighting exactly why, some 70 years on, blindfold boxing has yet to be recognised as an Olympic sport, or sport of any kind for that matter.

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