Black Mirror trailer will put you off smartphones and laptops for life

Season three of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian satire will be all about the technology we use.

Jon Hamm appears in the Black Mirror Christmas special.
Jon Hamm in Black Mirror The Mad Men star appeared in the Channel 4 Christmas special. Image Channel 4

If you were not already paranoid about internet surveillance and the increasing prevalence of smartphones in our daily lives, then the trailer for the new series of Black Mirror will leave you feeling a little more uneasy.

Co-produced by Netflix, the upcoming third series of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian satire on all things technological in society will focus more specifically on the items we use in our every day lives – whether it’s social media, gaming or mobile use.

Having paid $40 million for the rights to the series, Netflix is going all out with a stellar cast featuring Bryce Dallas Howard, Kelly Macdonald and Alice Eve among others.

Fresh from his success on Game of Thrones and Ripper Street, Jerome Flynn also features in an episode dealing with the dangers of laptop webcams.

Dark, disturbing and an eerily accurate reflection on society as we know it, get ready for dark, bleak storylines, biting satire and some killer twist endings.

Created by Brooker, the series has garnered a reputation for offering dark portents to the future, with everything from the decline of the X Factor and the cult of reality TV to David Cameron’s alleged penchant for pigs inadvertently predicted.

Due to be released exclusively on the streaming platform on October 21, the series could prompt a few sleepless nights and maybe a little less time spent on phones, laptops and tablets.

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