Black Mirror Correctly Predicted One Of iPhone X’s Strangest Features

Charlie Brooker is getting too good at this.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Black Mirror on Netflix.
Bryce Dallas Howard In Black Mirror Image Netflix

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama series Black Mirror has made a habit of making eerily accurate predictions about the future.

The highest profile of these came in the show’s very first episode, which foretold of a future in which the Prime Minister was forced to have sex with a pig on live television – something that may, or may not, have ended up being a lot closer to reality than most thought.

Anyway, the release of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X has seen another of Brooker’s portents of doom for the future of humanity come to pass.

It all centres around one of Apple’s latest innovations on the new iPhone, which seems to have been inspired by a technological advancement Brooker once predicted.

Cast your mind back to the episode The Waldo Moment, which focused on the story of a failed comedian who began performing interviews with politicians while appearing as a blue cartoon bear called Waldo.

Among the new features on the latest iPhone is the opportunity to buy a series of animal avatars or AnimoJis that can be used via the handset’s “true depth” camera.

The idea is simple enough: once installed, these avatars move and respond according to the face made by the person on camera, allowing the user to create their very own version of Waldo.

Animojis The future of communication

Brooker is evidently well aware of the similarities too, with the Black Mirror Twitter account confirming as much.

Black Mirror continues to astound. Now if someone could just get round to building a digital 80s heaven that our consciousness gets downloaded to when we die, like the one in San Junipero, that would be great.

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