Viewers Left Shocked By Utterly Bizarre American Gods Sex Scene

Viewers really weren't expecting that...

Graphic sex scene In American Gods
American Gods Graphic sex scene Image Starz

Telly fans were left shocked recently after the first episode of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods TV adaptation featured a truly bizarre sex scene.

The cult fantasy novel has been made into a new series on Starz and Amazon Prime, and viewers certainly did not expect the show to begin in the manner it did…

The episode featured a scene in which a middle-aged man meets a beautiful young woman through a dating service, before the pair end up going to bed together – albeit a sinister red bed surrounded by excessive amounts candles.

In graphic and bizarre scenes, the woman starts pushing the man’s head down, and it’s quickly apparent that she’s consuming him through her vagina.

Graphic sex scene in American Gods
American Gods Graphic sex scene in American Gods Image Starz

As it turns out, the woman is actually Bilquis – a goddess from Gaiman’s fantasy series based on the Queen of Sheba – and not a mortal woman at all.

American Gods focuses on the lives of old gods, who find it difficult to adapt to modern times, which is largely ruled by gods of media and technology.

The unexpected nature of the scene caused a LOT of reaction on Twitter over the weekend.

Things are only going to get weirder on the show too. Gaiman’s 2001 novel is one of the strangest fantasy book of recent times, and the series is being produced by David Slade, known for bringing sinister crime scenes to life on Hannibal.

The sex scene takes place in the very first scene of the book, and if this is week one, viewers are in for plenty more shocks before the series comes to an end.

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