This Terrifying 8-Inch Bionic Penis Implant Might Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Could this be the long-term replacement to Viagra?

Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

Erectile dysfunction could soon be a thing of the past, after scientists came up with a ‘bionic boner’ implant which could eventually replace Viagra.

Experts at the University of Wisconsin have developed a remote-controlled device which inserts in the penis and grows to  eight inches when heated to 42 degrees centigrade.

The process behind the device is hardly sexy (it involves a one-inch metal coil being inserted into the base of the penis), but it could help over five million men suffering with erectile dysfunction in the UK.

As The Sun reports, the device is activated by a remote held over the penis, and extends to 8-inches within the space of two minutes.  

Bionic penis implant
Bionic penis implant

The device reacts to heat, and is triggered by a five degrees increase above body temperature (37 degrees). An NHS watchdog claims that up to 7,000 men a year could be helped by the device.

The University of Wisconsin’s Dr Brian Le said: “We demonstrated that an Ni-Ti-based prosthesis can produce the mechanical forces necessary for producing a simulated erection without the need for a pump or reservoir, comparable with existing prostheses.”

The prototype will soon be tested on animals, and could be made available within the next few years.

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