Watch: Cleaner Gets Incredibly Confused In Hilarious Bin Bag Prank

The hilarious video has gone viral and with good reason...

Look out Darren! Bin bag prank Image ITV/ Matt Gray

April Fools’ pranks have started early, and this one involving a skip and a confused cleaner is bloody hilarious.

The staff at a shopfitters in South Gloucestershire were having a laugh with their cleaner, Darren who tidies up their office space twice a week.

Employee Matt Gray caught the moment they fooled poor Darren when he went to throw rubbish in a skip outside, as per his usual routine. On this day though, he got the shock of his life.



In the clip, you can see Darren walking out to the giant skip to toss in a bin bag. Unbeknownst to him though, an apprentice at the company is hidden in the container waiting for the bin bag so he can throw it back.

It lands at Darren’s feet as he looks around in horror, and he decides to clean up the trash that has escaped the bag and try again. For a second time, the bag bounces back at him. Eventually, he starts scouring the area and does a quick inspection of the skip, in case its been possessed we assume.

Meanwhile, hysterical laughter can be heard in the background as the cleaner’s colleagues look on. We can’t help but feel a little sorry for Darren and hope that he thought the prank was as funny as it appears.

It’s just the first of the April Fools pranks we’ve seen this year. There’ll be plenty more to come on Saturday- watch your back folks…

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