A classic quickfire interview with 90s Billie Piper

Loaded's loved Billie right from the start.

Billie Piper
Billie Piper The popstar-turned-actor strikes a pose.

Billie Piper hasn’t looked back since the release of her debut album Honey to the B in 1998.

The record spawned hit singles Because We Want To and Girlfriend and went Platinum soon after release. A second album, Walk of Life, followed before Piper waved goodbye to pop stardom and quit music to focus on acting.

Whether it’s Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler, escort Belle de Jour in the steamy Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Penny Dreadful’s Lily Frankenstein, the artist formerly known as just ‘Billie’ is always good value.

Back before she’d given up on crooning, an up-and-coming Billie sat down with loaded to promote her number one hit Girlfriend. Here’s how the quickfire Q&A went down…

Words Piers Townley

If you could be anyone’s ‘Girlfriend’, whose would you be?
I’m not really sure. I think Leonardo DiCaprio’s cute but maybe a bit too much.

Could you win a fight with Cleopatra, all three of them at once?
I’d definitely give it a go.

What about a ruck with 911, perhaps in paddling pool full of jelly?
Now that sounds interesting.

Do you ever get freaked out by how famous you are?
I’m starting to now. Not freaked out, but I’m surprised. It’s something I’ve always wanted.

How do you stop it going to your head?
I’m a down-to-earth person and I’ve seen how ugly it looks to be really into yourself, so that stops me.

Do you ever have to throw up before going on stage because of nerves or too much Tizer?
No I don’t. I do get nervous but never throw up. 

Billie Piper for Loaded February 1999
Because she wants to Billie Piper for Loaded's February 1999 issue. Image Loaded Digital Media

Are you scared of crocodiles?
I suppose so, but if you ever get chased by one.you run from side to side_and they can’t catch you.

People have said that they see similarities in your music and that of American goth rocker Marilyn Manson. How does this make you feel?
I think that’s really funny-whatever.

Not been tempted by the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle yet? Beaten up any journalists, spat at a photographer or smashed up a hotel room yet?
It all sounds great but I’m always too tired to be trashing rooms.

What gets you mad? Those sachets of vinegar you get in restaurants?
Interfering, nosy people get me mad. And those sachets, yeah.

Worst part about being a pop star? Is it having to talk to Andi Peters?
No, the worst part is the constant travelling and the lies.

Ever considered working in a butcher’s?
All the time.

Relive a Billie Pipe classic below:

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