Bill Clinton once watched ‘all six’ Police Academy movies back-to-back

The ex-President couldn’t get enough of Steve Guttenberg.

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
Police Fail... Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Image Picture Warner Bros

He once declared Western High Noon his favourite movie of all time, but it turns out former President Bill Clinton’s taste in cinema goes beyond beyond the classics. Far beyond.

During his White House tenure Clinton took some parenting advice from Homer Simpson and undertook a binge of the Steve Guttenberg comedies, Police Academy, with daughter Chelsea.

“We rarely disagreed on parenting,” Clinton said while supporting Hillary at the Democratic National Convention. “Although she did believe that I had gone a little over the top when I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six Police Academy movies back to back.”

“I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six Police Academy movies back to back.”

Bill makes a rookie mistake here… not realising that there are, in fact, seven Police Academy films in total. Did he and Chelsea miss out the series’ 1994 swansong Mission to Moscow? Either way, at least they gave the ill-fated Police Academy TV series a wide berth…

Steve Guttenberg, star of four Police Academy outings, admitted to Deadline that he had once spoken to Clinton about the former Commander in Chief’s love of his 80s comedies.

“It was such a delightful surprise to me, but I couldn’t help think to myself, ‘you’ve got the most important job on the planet, and you’re taking time out to watch Police Academy?'” he explained.

“But years later I’ve come to understand that it’s very important when you’re driving at 100 miles an hour to pull over and refuel and oil up the gears.”

Too right, Steve. Too right!

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