Video: Bill and Ted go Back to the Future in new trailer mash-up

Marty McFly and the Doc have joined The Wild Stallions for one night only

Back to the Future and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure have been successfully fused together to create a trailer for what looks like the ultimate teen time travel comedy.

The 1980s was a glorious time for fish-out-of-water inter-dimensional movie mayhem with Marty McFly and the Doc wowing audiences in 1985 before passing the torch on to Bill S Preston and Ted Theodore Logan as the decade concluded.

Both films have stood the test of time, both boast inferior sequels and both taught us valuable lessons about not kissing your mum and taking time over your history homework.

Therefore, it is not a massive surprise to see the two films finally side by side in a brand new mash-up from YouTuber Mr Durden’s Opus which is imaginatively titled Back To Bill and Ted’s Future.

In fact, in this age of trailer remixes, recuts and rehashes, it is somewhat of a shock that it has taken this long for someone to hit upon the idea.

The results are impressive though, with Bill and Ted near-seamlessly dropped into Marty’s world, complete with time-travelling phone box.

That said, with the Doc on board there is apparently no room for Rufus, played by the late great George Carlin in all his shoulder-padded glory.

Seriously spooky
Seriously spooky Was Back to the Future Part II a portent for what is to come? Image Prensa

Particular highlights include Ted’s fairly predictable reaction to the sight of Marty’s mum and pretty much all of the gang’s encounters with the bully to end all high school movie bullies and future Donald J Trump lookalike Biff Tannen.

All in all the clip, while far from perfect in places, offers a nice reminder of a time when travelling through time, meeting mass murders like Billy and Kid and Genghis Khan and staging a fake assault on your mum in a bid to ensure she partners up with your future dad was all good clean Hollywood fun.

It certainly beats the likes of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, in any case.

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