Big Game Hunter Accidentally Shot Dead While Taking Aim At Lion

The incident has been described as a freak accident. More like karma.

A big game hunter in South Africa has been killed in a freak accident that occurred as he took aim at a lion in the region.

75-year-old Pero Jelenic died after a stray bullet from another huntsman hit him, wounding him fatally.

Jelenic had already killed one lion and was preparing to shoot another when the accident occurred in the North West province of the region.

The Croatian hunter was on the hunt with friend Slavko Pernar, who told reporters that Jelenic had been desperate to get a lion trophy after hunting “everything that could be hunted in Europe.”

A trophy hunter.

Despite the bizarre nature of his death, police do not suspect any foul play in the incident but an investigation is ongoing.

Those involved could face charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammuniation though, which could yet result in jail time.

Brigadier Mokgwabone told MailOnline. “At this stage it is not clear who fired the fatal shot that killed Mr Jelinic. Our investigations are ongoing.”

The Croatian isn’t the first big game hunter to meet an unfortunate end, as this list of five big game hunters who ended up meeting their demise at the hands of the animals they were hunting, shows.

A trophy hunter.

This is a little different of course, but it does potentially sound like that old thing called “karma” caught up with Jelenic.

After all, it’s important to remember that he would probably be alive today if it weren’t for his hunting. Oh and he’s killed loads of animals for no real reason.

Mernar told Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List: “He [Jelenic], unfortunately, received the ugliest end – he died in South Africa doing what he loved. His office, a hunting hall, was full of trophies, deer and bear specimens and everything that could be hunted in Croatia and Europe.”

Sounds like one hell of a guy.

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