Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar Has An Idea For Next Series Spin Off

The man who plays the hilarious Raj Koothrappali spoke exclusively to loaded.

kunal nayyar
The actor spoke to loaded about big bang's future... Image Getty Images

With a young Sheldon Cooper set to star in his very own Big Bang Theory spin-off series we wondered, what other characters could be next?

loaded went straight to the source and asked Kunal Nayyar who plays the socially inept astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali.

“I think it would be fun if it was like Raj and Howard, like a spinoff for their band Footprints on the moon,” he said.

A Howard and Raj spin-off would be pretty epic considering their legendary bromance, and penchant for getting into trouble.

We imagine it could take place in present day as Howard juggles family life with his work life and friendships, or even a prequel series, where we witness the two brainiacs’ first meeting.


Either way, it would probably be hilarious, safe to say Raj and Howard are usually comedy gold on the Big Bang Theory which isn’t always consistent.

Meanwhile, the spin-off that is actually happening is Sheldon, where we follow the Texan childhood of the neurotic genius we’ve all come to love.

Sheldon often refers to his colourful Texas background on the show so it makes sense that we’d get an in-depth look. Including a younger Mary Cooper. However, we’re still on the fence as to whether this is the best route spin-off wise, why not Jim Parsons?

However, one person excited for the series is Kunal who mentioned his anticipation for young Sheldon.

“Well young Sheldon looks incredible, it’s going to be very, very good,” he said. 

It seems that there is much to look forward to on the Big Bang Theory front, with its eleventh series approaching fast, we can expect this band of genius misfits to be around for awhile.


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