The Big Bang Theory With A Ricky Gervais Laugh Track Is Comedy Gold

This might actually be better than the show itself.

Ricky Gervais Found a way to make The Big Bang Theory funny.

The Big Bang Theory has always divided people into two strict camps: those who find it funny and those with actual taste.

However, one man has emerged to bring those two contrasting groups together: Ricky Gervais.

Because one very clever YouTuber by the name of Owen Cooper has done something many thought was impossible: he’s made The Big Bang Theory funny.

And all it took was simply replacing the show’s laugh track with the sound of Gervais’ signature cackle.

The Office creator’s laugh is infectious to say the least, coming a close second to his actual jokes in terms of things that make people laugh.

In the clip, we are presenting with The Big Bang Theory gang sitting around a living room, firing off the kind of harmlessly bland jokes fans and haters of the show will be familiar with.

The only difference is that, rather than be greeted with a standard laugh from the audience, each gag gets the full Gervais laugh treatment.

It’s funny, awkward and somehow adds an extra element to the show. You could almost imagine David Brent being a fan of The Big Bang Theory, sitting at home exaggeratedly laughing along at the tired old gags being fired out.

Also, given his laugh is a little shorter than the standard audience chortle, the edit creates awkward moments of silence that are reminiscent of The Office in itself.

It all makes for arguably the best thing video we’ve seen this year and not the first time someone has mercilessly ripped into The Big Bang Theory on YouTube.

Previously, one clever chap was able to remove the laugh track from the show altogether, making finding where the show’s various laughs were supposed to be somewhat difficult.

Someone else, meanwhile, created one with an even louder laugh track…

And then there’s the guy who replaced all of the laugh track with the sound of a vacuum cleaner…

The internet is awesome.

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