Big Bang Theory Star Out To Make Science “Cool” With New Prank Show

SciJinks will fuse Punk’d style pranks with actual science…

The Big Bang Theory gang Ruining prank shows for everyone Image CBS

Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki is on a one-man mission to make science “cool” and loaded is not sure how to feel.

Not content with starring in sitcom celebrating all things Nerd related, the one-time Roseanne actor is about to embark on an exciting new project – a science-led prank show.

It’s called SciJinks and has been dubbed “the smartest prank show on television” by its creators.

The format sounds simple enough though. Galecki will lead a team of scientists skilled in all things chemistry, physics, engineering and technology in the creation of a serious of genius-level pranks.

There is some method to the madness too, with each prank designed to showcase a strange scientific story to the watching audience and viewers at home.

It marks a stark contrast to the kind of televisual hijinks we grew up with back in the day.

When we were young, prank shows like Punk’d taught us the square root of fuck all, preferring instead to parade an array of young celebrities in front of our very eyes before pranking them to the point of tears.

Johnny Galecki In Big Bang Theory.
Johnny Galecki In Big Bang Theory Image NBC

But now prank shows are getting educational and, despite our deep-rooted cynicism, Galecki’s enthusiastic attitude towards the whole thing is proving damn infectious. 

“One of the most rewarding elements of being on The Big Bang Theory has been being approached by younger people who claim they never before had considered a life in the sciences until watching the show,” Galecki to

“Our goal on Big Bang is to make people laugh. These kids are molding our culture, building our future and even curing diseases. SciJinks is a way to celebrate them and hopefully inspire more young people to follow in their footsteps — while having an absurdly good and mischievous time.”

The age of the nerd is officially upon us. 

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