Beware The Latest WhatsApp Scam: Your Own Friends Will Send It To You

There is no "Internet without Internet" app, sorry.

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Next time an annoying friend sends a chain message to one of your Whatsapp groups, you might want to think twice before opening the link.

The latest online scam has taken over the messaging app, and it promises the users free internet without the need of Wi-Fi or Internet data.

The scam has spread quickly, but be wary, because maybe some of your friends are sending it over without even knowing what it is.

It comes in the form of a message asking you to click on the link, or saying that your friend recommends you to click on it. The malware, thanks to the GPS on your phone, instantly detects your native language and location, being able to show images and words in your own language so that it doesn’t look iffy.

The next step is to send the link to 13 of your contacts, the only alleged way of being able to use the offer. So the scam keeps spreading on and on.

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Focused on WhatsApp But what is your partner up to? Image WhatsApp

Of course, this results in you and other 13 people getting redirected to dubious-looking websites that keep asking you for a subscription and for your phone number, so that they can send you several text messages – charging you, of course. And don’t expect to actually get free Internet after this. All you will have done is given the scammers money.

Other ways the scammers have made the offer look real is by inserting “comments” from people who say they have used the service.

For now, there is no such thing as Internet access without Internet, so let’s not believe what is clearly impossible. And don’t send the link to the annoying guy who sends the chain messages, even if you hate him.

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