The best of Emily DiDonato’s Instagram

Emily DiDonato is social media's next bright star

Emily Didonato has built up quite a following on social media with her stunning shots
Beauty The Italian model has built up a good fan base

She’s nearly at 850,000 followers on Instagram, and judging by her photos American beauty Emily DiDonato could reach a million before you’ve finished reading this story.

The model has been getting her followers hot under the collar with snaps from her professional shoots and her down time. 

The New Yorker is recently keen to promote Maybelline with some stunning behind-the-scenes shots from her campaign with the cosmetic giant.

Peppered in between her shots out and about with friends and the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle of New York with her Maybelline girls is a unique insight into of the hottest properties in modelling right now. 

The 25-year-old model was recently the star of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot where she got more then she bargained for. 

Emily DiDonato in SI Swimsuit editon
Watch ou... Emily gets washed over by a wave Image Photo SI Swimsuit

The model of Italian, Irish and Native American ancestry has taken social media by storm and with her Twitter following nearly at 100,000 she is definite a face to watch out for.

DiDonato is also the former partner of Jake Gyllenhaal. They only dated for a few months in 2013. Why did they split up? Maybe it’s Maybelline.

(Our lawyers have asked us to point out that the end of the relationship between Ms Emily DiDonato and Mr Jake Gyllenhaal had nothing to do with Maybelline, and that our writer was only facetiously using the entirely blameless Maybelline’s catchphrase for a cheap joke.)



@charlottewillermakeup strikes again. This makeup is ?????

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