This Beer Brewers is Advertising The Best Job In The World

Only beer drinkers need apply.

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Imagine if someone told you you could spend every Friday down the pub drinking beer and not only would you not get in trouble for it, you would be paid for your time.

That’s essentially the job the Meantime Brewing Company in London is offering. They are on the lookout for a part-time professional beer taster.

“Have you ever dreamt of being paid to drink beer?” The job ad asked.

“Well, that could soon become a reality as we’re looking for beer lovers to earn a living, tasting new and innovative beers. Yes, this could just be the best job in the world.”

Though Meantime are eager to find beer lovers they can pay to taste their latest brews, it’s important to note they are on the lookout for someone who can offer a little more analysis when it comes to evaluating the taste.

Just turning up and expecting to get the job because your beer-stained CV says “I’m good at getting pissed” is unlikely to land you the role.

But whoever does eventually land the job could be set for a jolly good time none the less.

As part of the role, they will be expected to head down to the scenic surroundings of Greenwich, every Friday morning where they will proceed to start the weekend early with a three-hour beer tasting sesh.

They must then given their detailed opinions on the brews at hand. That’s the crux of it. The successful candidate with be paid for their time and will receive additional “beer benefits.”

A beer in Spain.

Only experts need apply though, with the brewery on the search for a “passionate beer lover” with an expert knowledge of beer that includes an “understanding of global consumer markets.”

If that all sounds like you in a nutshell, then head over to LinkedIn where you can apply with a 30-word post explaining why you should get the job. Photos are also welcome, for reasons unknown.

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