Action figures to weed pipes: Bernie Sanders has the best support

The Democrat candidate is garnering some out there followers.

A collage of some Bernie Sanders merchandise.
Sanders In Demand. Bernie Sanders' supporters are raising funds in some unusual ways. Image Getty/FCTRY/Stonedware Co.

With his Larry David looks and progressive policies, US Presidential Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders was always likely to attract plenty in the way of liberal support.

However, few could have predicted that his appeal on the left would result in not only Sanders’ very own action figure but a ceramic pipe used for “medicinal purposes.”

The Bernie Sanders toy is the creation of Brooklyn-based design firm FCTRY, who have form in this department: they created a doll of Sanders’ rival Hilary Clinton action last year.

The Bernie Sanders toy.
Bernie Man. Image FCTRY

Launched via Kickstarter, FCTRY has pledged that $1 from every figure sold will go directly to Sanders’ campaign.

According to the Kickstarter page, the doll is all about getting “real people and small businesses engaged in politics.”

Having set a target of $15,000, Sanders fans have already pledged $65,000 (£46,500) with 33 days left for any other Democrat backers to get involved.

A video ad was also created championing the toy:

Bernie Sanders Action Figure by FCTRY For every Bernie Sanders Action figure sold, $1 will be donated to his campaign..

FCTRY’s success appears to have inspired other unique Sanders creations.

Ariel Zimman, for example, is showing his support and bringing in some much-needed campaign funds by selling branded weed pipes.

The Bernie Sanders pipe
A Real Berner Image Stonedware Co.

Perhaps banking on Sanders being the most likely of the current candidates to take a softer stance on marijuana, Zimman is selling the branded ceramics from $30 to $60 depending on the shape and size.

More importantly for America’s political future, Sanders supporters can “Feel the Bern” on these hot-to-trot pipes knowing that 10% of all proceeds will be going straight to the Sanders’ campaign coffers.

Whether it’s enough to see Sanders beat Clinton to the Democrat party nomination remains to be seen, with the pair currently neck and neck to land a shot at the White House. But it’s certainly not curbing the enthusiasm of the public before the Republic and Democrat nominations are finally announced in July.

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