Bernard Tomic talks dirty during US Open with disastrous consequences

He offered to put his balls in someone’s mouth and he did not mean the tennis ones.

Bernard Tomic looking a bit sheepish.Image Australian Open

Australian tennis bad boy Bernard Tomic lived up to his reputation at the US Open, after offering to engage in a rather lurid sex act with a spectator.

Tomic, who was in the process of crashing out to Bosnian Damir Dzumhur, launched into a foul mouthed tirade against one onlooker in scenes reminiscent of Scarface.

Evidently irked by something that was either said or witnessed, the Aussie went full Tony Montana – except with balls.

“I will put my balls in your mouth,” he declared, seemingly confident that the individual his ire was directed towards would be only too happy to receive his no doubt sweaty testicles.

Tomic was not done there either.


“I will give you some money to make you feel good,” he added, as the world’s weirdest tea-bagging negotiations continued on court and on television across the globe.

Asked by umpire Cedric Mourier to divulge what had been said to make him so mad, Tomic responded “he was saying some s***”

Despite later apologising for his down and dirty antics, the 23-year-old could now face serious reprimand.

Here’s hoping Tomic learns his lesson: tea-bagging has no place on the tennis court.

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