Ben Phillips & Elliot Giles Reveal The Prank That Was Too Explicit For Facebook

The YouTube stars reveal the tricks of the trade.

Ben Phillips and Elliot Giles
Pranksters Ben Phillips and Elliot Giles Image Instagram/benphillipsuk

It’s hard to believe that Ben Phillips only started pulling pranks on his best mate Elliot Giles a year ago.

8.5m Facebook likes and countless millions of views later, their videos are a YouTube phenomenon, and they’ve become two of the most recognisable faces on the internet.

loaded sat down with the pair ahead of the release of Ben’s book Sorry Bro! to discuss their most extreme moments, and find out how to pull off the perfect prank.

loaded: What would you say to anyone who wants to get into pranking?

Ben: First off, find a victim. Whether that’s bro, sis, mum, dad, nan, grandad. And from then on think of the most devious thing you can do to them, or something they do every day in day to day life – whether that’s going toilet, wiping their bum or whether that’s brushing your teeth or cleaning the floor – how can you effect that? Once you find out how to effect that, that’s when the prank really kicks in. Everyone has hair care products, so you could apply a bit of superglue and see what happens.

loaded: What’s the worst thing Ben’s ever done to you?

Elliot: I’ve had scars, I’ve had hair transplants. I’ve been electrocuted too. I got electrocuted and got burns marks under my nipple.

Ben: He’s got four nipples now he has.

I did it ?

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loaded: What would you say are the dos and don’ts when it comes to pranking?

Ben: Just don’t do anything that’s boring. Do anything that’s crazy and exciting. The one thing I won’t do to Elliot is hair removal…

Elliot: You ain’t doing it. 

Ben: Next time you’re having your shower mate…

Elliot: I just won’t shower.

Ben: You stink enough as it is.

loaded: Have you ever come close to a proper fist fight after a prank?

Elliot: I’ve landed a few punches on him. A few black eyes here and there.

Ben: Elliot tries to fight me every time. What you don’t realise is behind that camera when I’m holding it, I’ve got hands on my throat squeezing tight. Elliot’s crazy – you’re nuts.

loaded: Did you ever think you’d made a mistake after an extreme prank?

Ben: No. When I’ve thought I’ve made a mistake, that’s when it’s turned out to be the most viral clip ever. I’m always trying to push the boundaries. If he’s not dead, if he’s still breathing, he’s doing good.

I did this typical superglue on the roller-skates prank once, where I superglued a pair of roller-skates to his feet while he was sleeping. Elliot’s got to go to work, he hasn’t got time to get the roller-skates off. Next thing you know – this isn’t even on Facebook yet – he’s roller-skating up the duel carriageway he is. I’m like ‘what the heck’s Elliot doing? You can’t roller-skate up the duel carriageway’. Next thing you know, there’s police coming up behind us going crazy. They pull up, shout “get down, get down”.

Elliot: I got arrested for his shit… And guess who drove off? Have a guess!

Ben: Obviously me and farmer Chris drove off as fast as we could away from Elliot. Sorry bro.

loaded: have you ever done anything that ended up being too explicit for Facebook?

Ben: Yeah, there was one called ‘wax pubes’. Basically, Elliot – like most people – waxes himself. I mixed his wax for his pubic hair with superglue. So he puts these wax strips on his pubes, and he sits on a chair. All of a sudden, the chair is superglued to him too. We had to take him to hospital, so I called Farmer Chris and he brought his trailer down. We put Elliot on the trailer. Anyway, that went on Facebook and YouTube, and that was too explicit and rude apparently. The video had something like 60 million views in 24 hours.

loaded: You must be thinking about getting him back soon Elliot?

Elliot: Yeah, course. I will get him back. I just keep it on the down low. I don’t say anything and I don’t give anything away.

Ben: Whose name is on the book sorry bro?

Elliot: You’ll be sorry next bro.

24k magic in the air!

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loaded: If you could pull a prank on any celebrity, who would you choose?

Elliot: I wouldn’t want to prank, I think I’d want to sleep with [someone] to be honest.

Ben: Bloody hell Elliot. Who would you want to sleep with? Go on…

Elliot: It would have to be someone like Kylie Jenner. She’s the same age as me, so it makes sense.

Ben: Alright, well that kind of answers that one…

We’re not sure about Elliot’s chances with Kylie, but we can say for certain that Ben Phillips’ book Sorry Bro is out now.

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