This Man Went FOUR Years Without Shoes And Something Strange Happened

Going barefoot on the tube? He's a brave, brave man.

ben donnelly
Barefoot Ben Image Ben Donnelly/ Facebook

A brave man from London hasn’t worn shoes in FOUR years.

Ben Donnelly has placed a sole boycott on shoe wearing. He first fell in love with the concept back in his teens when he read about the barefoot movement in America, which encourages living without the shackles of Nikes.

The music teacher decided to somewhat forego shoe wearing in his early twenties, often falling off the wagon and lacing up here and there.

ben donnelly
Barefoot Ben/Facebook

Then four years ago 33-year-old Ben gave it up all together and has traveled the world shoeless. Now based in London, he often takes the tube and walks the city streets barefoot.

He also refuses to wear shoes to work, giving up a music teaching job for private tutoring.

Surprisingly, his girlfriend Carolina also thinks it’s a great idea, saying: “I think this was the first thing Ben told me about himself but I didn’t find it particularly strange to be honest.”

Ben told the DailyMail that the broken glass, piss littered streets of London don’t bother him one bit.

“Very occasionally, maybe twice a year or so, I find myself having to pick a tiny bit of glass out of my foot. The skin is quite thick, so it’s been a long time since I have done something that has made it bleed. I’ve never had any serious infections and stuff like that. Even when you wear shoes you avoid things that would do damage, or you wouldn’t want to stand in,” he said.

ben donnelly
Ben Donnelly/Facebook

Another advantage to his unusual life choice the avoidance of smelly feet, a problem he suffered with for most of his life.

“I get hot, sweaty feet and I’m never comfortable wearing shoes. Sometimes friends had made comments about my smelly feet and I realised that if I just didn’t wear them, all those problems would go away,” he added.

Surprisingly he doesn’t receive much push back from shops and businesses he visits, save for a few bars who prefer to “err on the side of caution.”

This reminds us of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent useless health tip called “earthing therapy” which encourages her legions of over privileged fans to try walking barefoot in their backyards for a couple hours a day.

Her lifestyle website Goop claims that, ‘connecting to the energy of the planet is healthy for our souls and bodies.’ Okay, then Gwyneth.

loaded is going to have to tip our hat to Ben for his unique life choices, but we think we’ll be keeping our shoes on for the time being…

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