Ben Affleck’s plans for the next Batman movie should have fans worried

If you thought Zack Snyder made a mess of Batman vs Superman then you ain’t seen nothing yet

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Bloated, confusing, long and incoherent – these are just a few of the adjectives used to describe see Zack Snyder’s much maligned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, however, was seen as the one redeeming feature of an otherwise dodgy DC Comics effort, with Batfleck’s gravelly voice, greying hair and unusually large abs all garnering something approaching praise.

Fans even rejoiced when it was announced that, despite the film’s failings, Affleck had signed on to direct and star in the Caped Crusader’s next outing.

However, it would appear that DC Comics, Warner Bros. and maybe even Affleck himself have failed to heed the lessons of Dawn of Justice.

Because they have big Batshit crazy plans for the upcoming Dark Knight movie, and it is not good news for anyone who hated Snyder’s effort.

According to a report, Affleck is desperate to make the definitive Batman film, telling the definitive Batman story. So far, so promising.

Batman v Superman trailer The Joker Jared Leto
Killer clown Was Joker behind the death of the Dark Knight's sidekick, Robin? Image Picture Warner Bros

But rather than focus on one particular villain like The Joker, Affleck and writer Geoff Johns are reportedly considering doing the unthinkable and including all of Batman’s biggest foes. All of them.

So if you liked the way Batman v Superman was chock full of superheroes who had little in the way of character arc and rarely helped plot development, prepare yourself for a film that will most likely see all of your beloved DC Comics villains diluted down into a series of three minute cameos.

Though something of a tried and tested option in the world of comics, with iconic stories like Hush featuring any number of brief appearances from Batman’s biggest foes, such an approach is unlikely to translate well to something on the big screen.

The only hope now is that these reports prove to be little more than rumour, with previous stories suggesting that the film would focus on the plot of Under the Red Hood – the story of how Robin, thought dead at the hands of the Joker, returned from the grave intent on murderous revenge.

At this stage, Loaded would probably rather see a Batman and Robin reboot than Affleck’s Batstravaganza – at least that had plenty of Mr. Freeze ice puns.

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