The plans for Ben Affleck’s next Batman film just got interesting

Rumour has it that the new Batfleck movie could be set in a pretty crazy place.

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Suicide Squad may only be a matter of weeks away from the cinemas but the buzz surrounding the next Batman movie is already building.

Ben Affleck has already signed on to return, not just as Bruce Wayne, but also director of what he hopes will be the definitive Batman film.

Initial reports had suggested that the movie would feature a veritable feast of famous DC Comics villains with everyone from the Joker to the Penguin and even Two-Face in line to feature.

Under these plans, the film would have most likely followed the structure of the popular Batman series Hush, in which the Caped Crusader encounters a number of his arch enemies as he attempts to unmask the identity of an unknown foe behind a series of crimes.

Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Image Picture courtesy Warner Bros Pictures

But it would now appear that things are taking a different and potentially more palatable direction.

According to the website Batman-On-Film, the latest rumours suggest Affleck’s new Batman movie will instead be set in Arkham Asylum.

Under these plans, Batman would find himself locked up alongside some of Gotham’s most fearsome foes.

Noticeably similar to the plot of the popular game of the same name, the claims remain purely speculative but, if correct, they could earmark the new film as arguably the boldest Batman movie to date.

And there we were doubting Affleck.

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