Video: Ben Affleck fights himself in Batman v Superman spoof trailer

Affleck overload? He’s Superman and The Dark Knight in parody footage.

Not too keen on Henry Cavill’s Superman?

If your idea of a decent Batman v Superman showdown involves more Ben Affleck than Henry Cavill, then this could be your lucky day.

YouTuber Todd Spence has put together a parody trailer that sees Affleck play both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

Spence didn’t wrangle Affleck into an elaborate Jimmy Kimmel-style skit, instead diving back into the actor’s post-Gigli wilderness years to unearth footage of the man himself in full Superman costume.

Affleck cemented his A-list comeback when he bagged the Best Picture Oscar for Argo in 2013, but momentum started seven years earlier when he played 50s TV Superman George Reeves in biopic Hollywoodland.

That critically-acclaimed performance has now been immortalised in the above spoof teaser. A paunchy Affleck dons Clark Kent glasses, foils bank robbers and asks if Superman’s signature red trunks effectively hide his thunder.

All this to the bemusement of Affleck’s grizzled Bruce Wayne from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Who's your money on? Ben Affleck v Henry Cavill is going to get brutal. Image Picture Warner Bros

Reeves was the second man to play Superman on-screen after taking over from Kirk Alyn in 1951. His performance sent the Man of Steel soaring in popularity on TV, yet off-screen he found himself frustrated with the character after it left him typecast.

He died in 1959 from a gunshot wound, but to this day his death is still surrounded in mystery. Police were never able to confirm if Reeves’ death was suicide, accidental or homicide.

At the time Affleck played Reeves, many drew parallels between his career and the late Superman actor – Affleck had recently played Daredevil, but had seen top-tier roles dry up.

After playing the Marvel vigilante Affleck famously said he’d never play another comic book character.

“By playing a superhero in Daredevil, I have inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero,” he said during the press rounds for Hollywoodland in 2006.

“Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn’t want to do again soon.”

Let’s wait for the reviews to see if he should have stuck to his word.

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