Ben Affleck will direct and star in a Batman movie – but who’s the villain?

Place your bets on Egghead now…

Batman v Superman Batcave Ben AffleckImage Picture Warner Bros

After months of speculation, Ben Affleck has finally been confirmed to write, direct and star in his own solo Batman movie.

Despite Batman v Superman’s critical pummelling and those #SadAffleck memes, the actor will be back suiting up as the Dark Knight in a standalone entry to the DC movie universe.

Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara made the announcement at this week’s ongoing CinemaCon event, promising more Bat-action than anyone in their right mind can handle.

Affleck will be back as Bruce Wayne in this year’s Suicide Squad, the two-part Justice League film and the just-announced solo flick. With those five movies under his bat utility belt, this easily makes him the most prolific big screen Dark Knight, eclipsing the three-film run of Christian Bale.

But who will he be facing off against in the film? All signs point towards Jared Leto’s The Joker, who’s featuring in Suicide Squad and, if Batman v Superman was anything to go by, was responsible for the death of his sidekick. The Joker’s distinctive scrawl was glimpsed across a Robin costume kept in the Batcave.

Batman v Superman trailer The Joker Jared Leto
Killer clown Was Joker behind the death of the Dark Knight's sidekick, Robin? Image Picture Warner Bros

Affleck’s co-writer on the film is comic book scribe Geoff Johns, whose 2012 graphic novel Batman: Earth One juggled a rogue’s gallery of Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and Scarecrow.

According to Ladbrokes, the odds on the next big Batman villain are firmly pointing towards Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime.

But if you want a true Leicester City underdog choice with long odds, then look no further than the so-bad-it-can’t be real bad guy Egghead. Yes, Egghead… the cackling, camp adversary played by Vincent Price in the 60s Batman show. Our money’s on Matt Lucas…

  • Joker evens
  • Killer Croc 5/1
  • Riddler 7/1
  • Mr Freeze 8/1
  • Clayface 10/1
  • Mad Hatter 10/1
  • Egghead 14/1
  • Scarecrow 16/1
  • Bane 16/1
  • Two-Face 20/1
  • Catwoman 25/1
  • Donal Trump 100/1

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Thankfully for Batman fans, it looks a decent bet the Joker will be back and it’s odds-on Leto is limbering up to play him.”

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