Bella Hadid goes braless for striking hoodie-inspired look

Anything Gigi Hadid can do, Bella does even better.

Bella Hadid poses for Vogue
Strike a pose Bella Hadid poses for Vogue. Image Picture Vogue

Bella Hadid set tongues wagging at New York Fashion Week after ditching her bra as part of a striking new look showcased at the DKNY Show.

The 19-year-old displayed something approaching chav-chic with a bold outfit that essentially resembled the world’s sexiest hoodie.

Quite whether the look will catch on with the kids is anyone’s guess though – it was a rather revealing hooded sweatshirt after all.

However, it certainly wowed the fashionista masses in attendance and received similarly favourable reviews from her 6.2 million Instagram followers.

“Super gorgeous,” one fan responded.

“You’re the most beautiful and talented model I’ve ever seen,” another added, which was nice.

“IM A 14 YEAR OLD SELF TAUGHT ARTIST!! I draw people FOR FREE! I draw EVERYONE NO MATTER WHAT!!! Check my post that says “requests info” TO BE DRAWN,” someone else…er, wait, not sure that one is about Gigi.

@patmcgrathreal ? @dkny

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Anyway, the striking catwalk style on display from Hadid the elder is the talk of the Big Apple and, on the basis of Bella’s continued output on social media, loaded is predicting big things ahead.

But if Hadid does decide to showcase her new threads in a more casual setting, perhaps combined the top with a nice t-shirt.

What? She’ll catch a chill otherwise.

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