Behold The Burgrito, The Most Magnificent Fast Food Combo Of 2016

So Pretty We Could Cry

It’s here; it has arrived. Burgrito. The burger and burrito baby has been born, and it’s beautiful.

The only downside is that the chosen one is a New Yorker at the moment, with no plans to migrate but don’t fear; it can be replicated.

Burgrito’s, a restaurant in Long Island, is serving up this combination on their menu which features both burgers and Mexican food. New York rules.

What’s in a burgrito? It’s a chopped up bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, fries, and onion wrapped in a tortilla. Similar to the Whopperito but better, perhaps? It combines a whole burger and fries meal into a wrap. That’s more than the deconstructed Burger King version. 


The taste, says Darin Laby, co-owner of Burgritos, is unlike any other. “It has its own unique flavour. When you eat a burger on a bun, you get a lot of bun, when you have a burrito, you get a lot of rice and beans. [The burgrito] is really the best of both worlds. You get the veggies and sauce that you get with a burrito, but then you have French fries. And it’s big. People love that. It’s a very satisfying item.”

This hybrid has become their biggest selling item at almost ten bucks a pop. So worth it, just by the description.

London, what’s good?

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