Beer Yoga Is Coming To The UK And We Know The Time And Place

The fitness/drinking craze that has swept Europe is coming to these shores

A collection of people enjoying beer yoga.
Beer yoga Already a hit in Europe Image Bier Yoga/Instagram

It’s the physical/spiritual practice that’s already swept the world but now beer yoga, the alcohol-based escape for mind, body and soul, is coming to the UK.

Forget kale smoothies or any of that vegan energy ball B.S. – beer yoga is all about indulging in a couple of cold ones after doing your downward dog.

As simple a concept as they come, the craze has nevertheless proved popular on the continent, with yoga enthusiasts young and old finding a different kind of inner peace as a result.

The practice has even spread to the US, where a cold Bud has proven to be the perfect post-yoga treat for those keen to feel as Zen as possible.

Now the craze is coming to London, with Timeout reporting that Good Yoga Life will be offering yoga classes at London Fields Brewery that come complete with a complementary pint of Easy IPA.

Beer yoga classes will take place at The Taproom, on 365-366 Warburton Street in London at 10am every Saturday from 3 June with tickets priced at around £15.

If the classes prove popular, however, don’t be surprised to see similar offerings popping up across the UK in the coming weeks and months.

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