It’s Beer-madeggon! Pub Prices Could Be Set For A Major Increase

Heineken’s deal to by the Punch Taverns pub chain could spell bad news for drinkers.

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The price attached to your favourite pint down the pub could be set for a steep increase according to industry watchdogs.

With the summer officially upon us, the temptation to head down to your local for a spot of drinking in the sun is stronger than ever.

But booze hounds may want to make haste while the sun still shines, amid warnings that a significant amount of pubs across the UK could be set for significant price increases.

Or at least that’s what the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) is warning.

It comes as Heineken edges closer to a £403m takeover deal that would see the brewer acquire 1,900 Punch Tavern pubs.

As many as 33 local areas could be affected by the deal, according to the CMA, which would reduce competition and cause prices to go up and service to suffer.

“The companies will own less than ten per cent of all British pubs after any deal, but we are concerned about the loss of competition for pub goers in a number of local areas,” acting chief executive Andrea Coscelli warned.

“Without sufficient competition from rivals, pubs in these areas might be able to raise prices or worsen the service they offer customers.”

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Though the CMA was also wary of the potential effect it could have with rival brewers, the pubs acquired only affected a portion of the market.

Heineken must now submit plans on how to combat some of these concerns by June 20. Fail to do so and a formal investigation could be launched while drinkers everywhere would move one step closer to beer-pocalypse.

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