Beer Made Using Water “From The Toilet” Makes A Splash

Beer fans are already up in arms – but all may not be as it first appears.

No normal beer Fancy a glass of recycled water?

If someone offered you an ice cold beer made from toilet water, the chances are you would probably pass on it, no matter how thirsty you were.

Yet that’s the very real prospect presented by Stone Brewing of San Diego, who have just unveiled a brand new beverage made from water that, as they put it, “comes from the toilet.”

Before anyone gets too grossed out at the prospect of toilet beer, however, it’s probably worth pointing out that there’s nothing to be too concerned about.

The aptly named Full Circle Pale Ale has been produced as part of the Pure Water San Diego initiative, a $3 billion project organisers are hopeful will one day see a third of the city’s water supply drawn from recycled water.

Using the standard pale ale mix of three malts and three hops alongside some recycled water and salts, the Full Circle Pale Ale may sound like an iffy idea but by all accounts the finished beer is quite the treat.

A selection of ales With a toilet brew to follow Image Stone Brewing Instagram

The brainchild of Stone Brewing senior manager of brewing and innovation Steve Gonzalez, this very special brew was in safe hands from the start.

And the good news is that the early reviews have been good with reporting that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has already sampled the beer and told reporters it was “delicious.”

If a local politician is willing to give a toilet beer two thumbs up then the Full Circle Pale Ale has got our vote.

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