Beer Coffee Is Now A Thing And It’ll Probably Make You Sh*t Yourself

The combination of caffeine and 5% beer – what could possibly go wrong?

When it comes to coffee fads, London has always led the way for the UK with an array of cortados, spiced pumpkin lattes, and other such caffeine-led nonsense.

But the latest fad might be a step too far even for the cool kids among us.

Though most people would probably just be happy with a standard coffee – or an Americano with milk as baristas increasingly call them – some folk think otherwise.

The Meantime Brewing Company, for example. As part of a new collaboration with Nude Coffee Roasts, they have concocted something approaching a beer-latte of sorts.

Affectionately known as a “latt-ale” the heady mix blends 5 percent cream ale with coffee and is set to be launched on October 23 as part of a new range dubbed the Beerista beers.

They will be sold through Nude Espresso Roastery pop-up in Shoreditch (of course_ and The Meantime Brewery Tasting Rooms from Monday 23 – Sunday, October 29.

What are the benefits of a beer coffee then? And will it make you shit yourself? While it’s too early to say at this stage, science suggests the answer is a big fat yes.

Alcohol has been proven to irritate your digestive system while drinking, even a small amount, means the stomach produces more acid than usual which can cause gastritis, otherwise known as the inflammation of the stomach lining which results in increased pooping.

Beer coffee
Beerista Looks, um, tasty?

Coffee, of course, contains caffeine which is a well-established large bowel stimulant. However, it’s not a natural laxative per se, even though the consumption of coffee has been known to have a laxative effect with some people sensitive to its ingredients.

Combine the two and you have the potential for something that could lead to some very messy situations. Alternatively, you might consume enough coffee and beer every day to be immune to these kinds of shenanigans. There’s only one way to find out.

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