This Weird Bed Hack Will Change Your Bed-Making Routine Forever

This could help make bedtime heaps better...

Brittney Palmer UFC - Bed picture
UFC star Brittney Palmer In the bedroom Image Picture Brittney Palmer/Instagram

Getting into a fresh and well-made bed at the end of a long day is a luxury we all yearn for, well now it’s possible with this hack.

We’ve found a fool safe solution for making your bed efficiently and in a flash via the military. Use a wooden spoon. Having to arrange the sheets in the morning is a pain, especially if you’re pressed for time, which many of us are.

A spoon can help accelerate the process, by tucking in those pesky corner sheets and the sides into the bed base neatly, instead of scratching and squeezing our hands under a thick mattress.


The method is one of seven used in a Nowcast video that features various techniques utilised by the military, who are well-known for having crisp and uniformed beds every morning. They also describe how to create the perfect hospital corners, but we think sticking with the spoon for the whole process is a good alternative. 

Another useful tip for the duvet portion of the event is via the Inhabitat YouTube channel, which has developed an ingenious way to get that duvet cover on quickly, check it out here.

Thanks to these tips, you can doze off in style.

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