The Hot New Beauty Trend In Rio De Janeiro Is Electrical Tape Bikinis

Talk about shocking

Electrical tape should only be used for this purpose. Image Erika Bronze Salon Erika Martins

Electrical tape has many uses, though not always of the electric variety. In Brazil, they’ve upped the ante with electrical-tape bikinis, a new trend that is taking Rio de Janeiro by storm reports the Associated Press.

The city that brought you the Brazilian-cut bikini among other beauty trends is now sun-tanning with electrical tape strategically placed on their bodies to resemble a bikini. This results in the most perfect tan lines you’ve ever seen.

Erika Bronze Salon was one of the first to offer this service. Based in Rio the salon has a prolific Facebook page – full of videos of owner Erika Martins sticking tape to customer’s breasts and nether regions.

The method entails sticking gauze on the sensitive areas then strips of tape are manipulated to form a bathing suit, ensuring perfect lines on the skin. The tape is also stuck between butt cheeks; we’re sure it isn’t the most pleasant feeling.

Erika Martins started the trend after being inspired by women in working-class neighbourhoods who don’t have access to the beach.

Her customers lay on her rooftop and take in the tropical rays for hours at a time, covered in tanning lotion provided by Erika Bronze Salon. When they start feeling faint, a technician will hose them off.

Domingo na @erikabronze é assim ?☀️☀️☀️☀️

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“We look sexier, it boosts our ego, and it looks prettier,” said 22-year-old Milena Carvalho to the news outlet. “It’s the Brazilian woman’s trademark.”

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