Was This Beauty And The Beast Character Removed For Being Too Disgusting?

A recently released deleted scene just revealed a pretty grim truth...

Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast Image Disney

Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson has done VERY well since it’s release earlier this year, mostly because it stayed true to the source material.

However, there was one brand new character that never quite made it’s debut in the live action Disney film. A one Monsieur Toilette. That’s right; there was almost a TALKING TOILET in the film.

Thanks to a newly released deleted scene revealed by Entertainment Weekly we see Josh Gad’s Le Fou in the midst of the final battle between the terrified villagers and the castle’s animated furniture.

beauty and the beast

Le Fou takes shelter from the mayhem in a bathroom where he is unfortunately faced with a gurgling and very alive 18th-century toilet – which isn’t that happy to see him.

In the next shot, we see Le Fou running from the bathroom in terror, we’re still not sure what the lavatory did to him, but we guess he probably deserved it.

There hasn’t been a particular reason why Monsieur Toilette was removed from the film, perhaps because it was just too disgusting a concept? The director Bill Condon claims it was down to running time or tonal shifts, but we’re not convinced.

beauty and the beast

We still wish he could have had his debut, especially since he was voiced by Stephen Merchant, though you can’t tell by this clip. Safe to say, Merchant’s contribution would have been pretty hilarious.

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